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Sup yoga full day – Piuray lagoon – Cusco

Karen Torres

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    Sup yoga full day – Piuray lagoon – Cusco

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    Stand up Paddle Yoga-Cusco Overview

    This tour is designed for the traveler who is looking for a unique experience. Doing yoga on a SUP board is already something special, but add the perfect landscape and the ideal conditions that Piuray lagoon offers and the result is a memorable experience in the making. An experienced SUP yoga teacher leads yoga class.

    Difficulty Level: Low
    Risk level: Low
    Duration: Full day
    Altitude: 3800 m.a.s.l.
    Season: March to December


    stand-up-paddle-yoga-Cusco Itinerary

    We will pick up in your hotel in Cusco, after one hour approximately arrival to Piuray lagoon. Time to enjoy, appreciate the landscape and take photos. There will be a drink and snacks station available. Beginning of the first workshop: ‘How to make a healthy breakfast with simple recipes’. There will be the chance to try the recipes and each attendee will receive a booklet with all the cooking directions.

    The guide will provide everything you will need for paddling. There will also be a briefing where you will be informed of the safety measures, paddling techniques, and you will be able to ask all questions about the activity. After paddling for about 20 minutes, you will start with the yoga session on the boards for about 45 minutes. Just before finishing, the guide will teach you some breathing techniques. For the brave ones, there is an option for cold-water immersion. This helps the circulatory system and relieves pain. We change clothes.

    Lunchtime! Everything on the menu will be mainly vegeterian and well balanced:

    Quinoa taboulette (is a Levantine vegetarian salad style made mostly of finely chopped parsley, with tomatoes, mint, onion, uncooked quinoa and lemon juice); avocado, smoked trout, a variety of andean potatoes, andean sweet potato, oca (also known as uqa, has a slightly tangy flavor, and similar to potatoes, is crunchy when raw and starchier when boiled or baked), andean corn, mushrooms, cheese-stuffed hot pepper, grilled andean cheese, plantain, huancaina sauce (yellow hot pepper and white cheese sauce) and uchucuta sauce (rocoto [hot pepper], huacatay [native herb], parsley, garlic, oregano, cheese and peanut); emollient and different hot drinks; and dessert of the day.

    Time off to relax and take photos.

    Hiking time! You will be visiting the terraces (agriculture area) with a view of the whole Piuray lake. You will be able to observe a great variety of birds and local crops (broad beans, quinoa, and potatoes, among others). One of the local farmers will explain the farming process and other details about the area. After this, you will have time to appreciate the landscape and enjoy the fresh air.

    There will be a deep meditation session around a bonfire. After that, there will be some time to contemplate breathtaking sunsets by the lake.



    • The assistance of guides during the group’s stay in the locality
    • Descriptive with the recipes learned in the workshop
    • All equipment (paddle, paddle and vest) to paddle and do yoga on the boards
    • Andean lunch.
    • Walk around the lagoon
    • Telescope for bird watching
    • Yoggi
    • Meditation and campfire at the end of the day.
    • Transportation to and from your hotel in Cusco

    What to Bring:

    • Warm clothes, a jacket, gloves, and a hat for the cold.
    • Swimwear and change of clothes.
    • Hiking shoes
    • Sunglasses.
    • Towel and sunscreen

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