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Ayahuasca Retreats with Peruvian Healers

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    Ayahuasca Retreats with Peruvian Healers

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    Ayahuasca Retreats with Peruvian Healers

    We want to share with the world an ancient medicine: Ayahuasca retreats with Peruvian healers, a gorgeous, wonderful, medicine that cures your fears, your frustrations, your relationships, your physical and spiritual health; aligning your three bodies – (physical body, mind, and spirit)

    In our Ayllu (community), we have witnessed many changes, profound changes in many brothers and sisters who have come from all parts of the world, and who have, and are still, experiencing changes in their lives that lead to happiness, wealth, and liberating forgiveness; because this medicine heals from the inside and stays in your genes allowing you to keep growing forever.

    Welcome to our Ayllu (Spiritual community).

    Dr. Ayahuasca is a vine that grows in the Peruvian jungle and has been used by our spiritual teachers for thousands of years, healing many of our brothers and sisters.

    It is a ceremony guided by a spiritual master (a being of light), who creates the perfect environment and accompanies you with songs and icaros, generating a meeting with yourself.

    This ceremony is performed at night and lasts about 4-5 hours. It is held in a “maloca”, or large room, where once each participant has drunk the medicine, he stays still, normally sitting or reclining on a mattress, whilst the medicine takes effect. During this time the teacher maintains telepathic communication with each person in order to guide their experience. The effect lasts for approximately 3 to 4 hours.



    • Spiritual Healer.
    • Transportation.
    • Ayahuasca drink.
    Muy buen servicio, nuestro guía Beltrán fue muy querido y dispuesto a ayudarnos. Excelente experiencia, recomendado.
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