Sustainable Tourism

PERU AGENCY champions a new style of sustainable tourism development that needs to begin with a reassessment of values to exclude any kind of domination over the natural surroundings and the Andean communities. This model should be structured around participative mechanisms that allow the active presence of all parties, in this case, the tourism operator, the tourist and the communities.

To this end we are working with the communities to empower them through training, sharing their respect for nature and involving them in the tasks of primary forest reforestation. We believe that only appropriate management of our natural surroundings will allow the basic necessities of the communities and the cities to be met.


  • PERU AGENCY cares for and protects the wild flora and fauna and its habitat; we ask tourists not to buy products made with plants or animals in danger of extinction, nor take souvenirs such as orchids, shells, stones or plants, and encourage you to understand the environmental law of the places you visit. These offences almost always carry a prison sentence and contribute to the extinction of important reserves on the planet.
  • We inform our clients that when visiting fragile ecosystems, they should always make sure they have the least possible impact and not cause any damage.
  • We are part of the National Service for Protected Areas (SERNANP) campaign in Peru and finance the planting and monitoring of a tree for each tourist that enters the Inca Trail with us; besides of our “You buy we plant” certification.
  • We are part of the “you buy, we plant” program, economically supporting reforestation of primary forest in high Andean areas of Cusco, and we are committed to financing the planting of one tree for each tourist we receive, “one tourist – one tree”, beginning in 2020.
  • We actively participate in environmental cleaning campaigns in poorer areas of the city of Cusco.
  • We use the natural resources that are necessary for our work, such as water, trees (by using paper) and electricity, in moderation. We recognize that these are limited resources and that we must take action to reduce consumption and ensure their availability for future generations.
  • We minimize the generation of waste and when disposing of it, we do so in the cleanest way possible, in coordination with specialists in waste disposal.
  • Every year we evaluate our carbon footprint (CO2) and work to minimize it per tourist received.

Social Responsibility

ESSNA code

PERU AGENCY rejects any activity that exploits or abuses children or adolescents, sexual exploitation of minors and adolescents, etc in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. It is committed to compliance with the ESSNA code since 2017.

Rural Community Tourism

Our objective is to build self-sustainable communities, based on a diverse range of touristic services, achieved through training their inhabitants to contribute to the economic and social development of their villages, maintaining their cultural heritage, traditions and habitat.
The impact that we generate and wish to generate in the communities is:

Tourism is a great opportunity to improve the economy of communities. In order to achieve this objective, we have designed different activities and experiences in each community, from nutritional programs to traditional ceramics, textiles, gastronomy, agrotourism, reforestation, apiculture, accommodation, etc.

PERU AGENCY protects indigenous and native communities in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. We invite tourists to enjoy rural tourism whilst respecting their culture, the physical and psychological integrity of the members of the community, as well as their customs, religion, gastronomy and traditions. We also ask that you maintain an adequate distance during the tour and encourage you to buy the handicrafts they make as a way of supporting their economy.

Good relations with our hosts are essential. To allow the communities in each destination we visit to prosper and continue living there with dignity, we invite our clients to contribute to the local economy by buying their handicrafts and gifts.

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