Where to celebrate the New Year 2016?

Karen Torres

Where to celebrate the New Year 2016?

4 November, 2014

The most extraordinary experience to start the year, You always celebrates the start of new faith and desire to start New Year goals, but for that you have to recharge energy and wondering, Where to celebrate New Year?

One of the most extraordinary and magical alternative I could find was to be exact Peru Cusco (Cuzco). Or also known as the navel of the world, the city is strategically located to provide the best experience of our lives. But how do you know which is the perfect place to celebrate New Year?

If you do not have a reservation at one of the restaurants or events in the city being surprised is the watchword, and you get to find the perfect place for this celebration located minutes from my hotel definitely had passed by the place several times I refer to the historical center, The Main Square of Cusco (Cuzco), and here national, local and travelers from around the world looking like a different year also came to this magical city tourists gather.


The celebration in the parade starts hours earlier, with a show of fireworks, which are the advance to the evening celebration, here families, friends and travelers who want to share the celebration of the coming year are met.

At the sound of twelve o’clock, do not be surprised you really take many people with suitcases around the basin of the Plaza de Armas (Total seven times), this is one of the cabals that always made for those who want go! because it brings good luck, join the group for this madness start the New Years, is truly amazing.

Also you will see the main square full of yellow this is another of the customs of Cuzco as calls people of Cuzco, use any piece of yellow from underwear to tie to bring good luck, it was also used in red for love and green for money, if you want to join the yellow certainly you can buy on about.


Market San Pedro, and if none of the above two conjectures you find attractive, you can also experience eating 12 grapes just before midnight, after the arrival of the New Year, most going to a nightclub Cuzco to continue the celebration in Cuzco will find countless nightclubs, bars, restaurants from sophisticated to classic and traditional bars, for everyone who are around the Plaza de Armas.


One of the traditions that came to impress me is that after all the celebration you have the option of climbing, walking or mobility Cristo Blanco, is an image smaller the Christ of Corcovado in Brazil, located next to the monument’s major city that is Sacsayhuaman, this hike is well worth to have a great view of the city and if you are lucky and it is not clear to appreciate the “Apu Ausangate“. Ausangate mountain is one of the most important mountains of Cusco which until now is considered by many as a deity.


Appreciating this mountain on January 1st sunrise bring enough luck for the New Year, If you do not like the hustle and bustle of the city, one of the recommended places is the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a warm place without much hustle.

To crown the start of the new year, a visit to Machu Picchu (Machu Pichu)The Inca Citadel Empire that is the most important tourist attractions of Cuzco (Cusco). Discovered in 1911 by the American explorer Hiram Bingham, this citadel is considered one of the most extraordinary examples of architecture in the world.

Machu Picchu (Machu Pichu) is not only a historic site is a place to recharge energy, peaceful and above all very surprising for its majesty, the ideal place to find oneself instead And where you celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2015?

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