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About Us

Karin Sanchez

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¡Welcome to Peru Agency!

We are operators in tourism, specializing in creative and unique trips in the countries of Peru and Bolivia with the experience of conventional tourism, mystical adventure, rural tourism, ecotourism and luxury. Our service philosophy is to serve the tourists from the moment you arrive until your departure from our country.

We are a company committed to quality customer service, the environment and our living culture. We designed vacation experiences, flexible and customized Peru and Bolivia.


Commercial Name: PERU AGENCY

Company Name: PERU ON ROAD E.I.R.L.


PERU AGENCY is a tour operator providing a variety of touristic services according to the needs of the tourist, including excursions such as adventure, conventional, luxury, romantic, and mystic tourism, and events, among others.


  • Exceed the expectations and needs of the tourist and corporate clients by offering personalised excursions according to the interest and profile of each tourist.
  • Assuring quality throughout our service from first contact to post sales service.
  • Continue our work in the best possible manner by supporting the community and the environment. This, along with the creation of new experiences for the tourist, drives our daily work.
  • Contribute to the development of socially responsible and sustainable tourism


  • Consolidate relationships with new clients by actively seeking them and constantly ensure recognition of their professionals through the quality of our services.
  • Create a numerous and diverse commercial client list directed at various sectors of the market to ensure the stability of the company in 5 years.
  • Become a leader in quality, innovation and corporate social responsibility in South America in 7 years.
  • Maintain constant and sustainable growth.


  • Client and result oriented, to guarantee the continuity of the company, future service to clients and the stability of our staff.
  • Promote a culture of continual improvement and excellence in management and service with the aim of increasing competitiveness and creating value for staff and other interest groups.
  • Exceed the expectations of the client: a guarantee of success.
  • Bet on innovation: The creativity of our staff in improving service, the use of new technologies and the creation of value for our clients, in order to maintain the continued and sustained growth of the company.
  • Quality: determined by all members of the team, internal and external, and should be driven by the philosophy of adding value to the service in order to exceed the expectations of the client.
  • Teamwork: transparent communication, availability, cooperation and constant effort.
  • Promoting the conservation of natural resources: Renewable and non-renewable resources, using recycling and eco-efficient waste management to be able to leave our future generations a healthy, habitable planet with sufficient resources.


  • Continually improve the quality of our services, our community support, promotion of and respect for our living culture, the environment. These aims, along with the creation of new experiences for the tourist, drive our daily work.
  • Exceed the expectations of the client by virtue of our competent team of staff who maintain high levels of quality and service in the promotion and operation of our services.
  • Committed to our employees, seeking their motivation, self-realisation and development, offering security, stability, quality of life, training and opportunities for growth.
  • Respect and comply with all laws applicable to our field.
  • We are committed to sustainable development as an important factor in the development of tourism on the planet, in accordance with the following principles: economic performance, environmental balance and social responsibility, between which there must exist a perfect balance with the aim of achieving economic and social progress.
  • Our environmental commitment includes searching for tools and technology which prevent pollution and encourage good environmental practices in our operations.
  • Within the framework of our corporate social responsibility policy, we accept the social and ethical responsibility to protect the physical, emotional and spiritual integrity of children, adolescents and vulnerable people; therefore rejecting any kind of sexual, labour, or other exploitation of the aforementioned people.
  • We are committed to respecting and complying with Peruvian regulations for the protection, defence and conservation of the assets and intangibles that make up the cultural, archaeological and paleontological heritage of the nation; equally the flora and fauna of our region.


With the highest standards in quality we offer a warm, quick and clear response to your requirements in order to guarantee the success of your programs.

  • Experience: More than 12 years in tourism and with staff in constant training and development.
  • Safe and trustworthy service: Our operations are certified by CALTUR, TOURCERT, PROMPERU, AENOR.
  • 24 hour assistance: 24 hour emergency line.
  • Competitive prices: Our excellent relationship with suppliers and our direct operation allow us to offer you the most competitive prices for a first class service.
  • Social and environmental responsibility: We are committed to developing sustainable and responsible tourism, our operation is checked by TOURCERT, we control our carbon footprint as well as that of our passengers.
  • Personalised products: We constantly develop differing products for our clients, according to their interest; luxury, adventure, romance, mystical, events, among others.
  • Benefits for the tourist: Each tourist we receive invests an average of $200 a day on excursions, hotel and food. In exchange for this the tourist receives:
    • Transfer service in a private vehicle exclusively for him/her, accompanied by a bilingual member of our staff.
    • Hotel 4 stars on average.
    • A reusable water bottle (with information about caring for the environment) so that you don’t need to buy bottles of water, and therefore avoid polluting our region.
    • Meals in quality restaurants (4 or 5 forks rating)
    • Excursions with professional guides, evaluated in accordance with the standards of our certifications.
    • Part of the investment is set aside for social projects to replant trees in areas that have been deforested; working in conjunction with the communities.
    • Contributes to the awareness, education and recovery of the Quechua language of the Andean communities by taking children with the best grades from the rural schools on excursions led by professional quechua speaking guides. In this way they are included in the process of the service, the tourism industry becomes more inclusive, and we avoid the loss of our culture.

 Benefits for our clients: Standardised service, a fair cost/benefit balance, orderly electronic billing.


2005 – How we began

In 2005 we began a dream in Cusco, aiming to show the world the cultural, archaeological, and natural richness of our region through a personalised service, creating unique experiences. Since then we have grown and little by little gained recognition in the Peruvian market as a responsible and creative operator.

2007 – Growth

Since 2007 we have been expanding our operations towards neighbouring regions and now market not only our services in Cusco but also in other regions, impressed by all the cultural, archaeological and natural richness of our neighbouring countries.

2010 – Expansion

We are recognised operators of conventional, mystical esoteric, and ecological tourism, creating unique experiences in each place the tourist visits. Our services are tailor made for the tourist and designed to minimise any negative impact on the environment. We have developed a new form of tourism; we have involved our brothers from the Andean communities in delivering the service to the tourist, minimising the negative impact on the environment, and also generating a responsible community rural tourism that allows our brothers to improve their income and us to re-examine and understand our culture in greater depth.

2012 –We strengthen and become authorised operators for the Inca Trail network

We are authorised operators of the Inca Trail route and all alternative routes such as Lares, Salkantay, Ausangate, Huchuy Qosqo, Choquequirao, etc. We maintain the same level of quality and personalised service on all routes.

2015 –Luxury services and new tourism options

We are developing new and innovative adventure routes involving the participation of Andean communities to create a more complete and sustainable form of tourism. By tailoring our services more and more, we are able to offer a greater range of services to the tourist, offering programs of a spiritual nature such as Ayahuasca or San Pedro retreats, rural tourism, conventional tourism, and combining all types of tourism including gastronomic tourism.

Our market continues to grow and we sell our services to clients from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and other countries in South America.

2016 – 2017 International accreditations

After more than 10 years’ experience, we accredit our services in order to guarantee the growth and sustainability of our company, and also its competitiveness in the market.  We have two certifications of quality, AENOR and CALTUR, and one of our corporate social responsibility, TOURCERT.