• Classic Inca Trail 4 Days / 3 Nights
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    Machupicchu 2 Days, leaving and ending in Lima.


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Kondor Group E.I.R.L, is an operator agency in Peru authorized by MITINCI, 101/2005-GR-DIRCETUR-DT, to operate different types of tourism and regions as coast, mountain and forest. It own professional guides and highly qualified staff.
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Our Best offer for this New Year 4 Days / 3 Nights in based of double occupancy, City walking tour with Machu Pichu by train for December 31 to January 03 of 2015.

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MORNING CITY TOUR: Daily departures from US$64.00

We pick the hotel around 8:15 am and head to the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman, Q'enqo, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay, then return to the city, heading to Cusco Cathedral,Koricancha (Temple of the Sun), then return to hotel the tour ends around 12:30.Click Here... View more

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The community has about 200 families, its main activity is agriculture and livestock, w...View more


Gracias Hermila:
Realmente el servicio estuvo de primera, todo muy bien organizado. Te felicito a ti y a todo el equipo con el que trabajas por ofrecer y dar a conocer lo hermoso que es Cusco.

Mary del Aguila Caceres



Mary del Aguila Caceres[2014-06-01]
Buenos días Peru Agency

Reciban un cordial saludo de mi parte y a la vez expresar mis comentarios sobre el servicio que nos prestaron en nuestra estadía en Perú (Cusco)

Les felicito, primeramente porque la logística del Machu Pichu es bastante complicada, mucho más para uno turista que  muchas veces desea que todo el servicio sea prestado por la agencia, sin embargo, la coordinación del mismo estuvo excelente, solamente el contratiempo de la huelga, que gracias que se coordinó correctamente  y tuvimos la suerte de poder llegar hasta el Valle Sagrado, y sus alrededores, ya que escuchamos muchos comentarios de personas que desafortunadamente no lo pudieron hacer.

Perú tiene mucha historia, y sé que se desea abarcar al máximo, Pero  el City tour es bastante pesado en cuanto a horas y movilización, tomando en cuenta que lo hacen a la llegada del turista.  A mi parecer podrían dividir un poco lo que son las iglesias, ya que esa parte a pesar de que se extendió el tiempo, no fue suficiente para ver todo lo interesante en especial de la Catedral de Cusco. El guía está programado solamente para hablar, en el caso del que no tocó a nosotros, y le faltó un poco de carisma al cliente, sin embargo su explicación fue bastante buena.

 El Valle Sagrado, excelente Abel  humanitario, paciente y muy conocedor de su cultura, un 100% para él, ya que más que su explicación pudimos conocer más de cerca cómo se vive en la ciudad de Cusco y compartir con la gente propiamente de las zonas y sus alrededores, siempre hizo lo posible para poder llegar a los lugares estipulados en el itinerario y siempre muy atento de nosotras.  Excelente tour, ya que está solamente focalizado en ruinas y a pesar que también es un tour bastante extenso, se pasa muy entretenido y con ganas de seguir conociendo la historia.

Machu Pichu:  EL tour de mis sueños, buena coordinación, sin mucho que explicar, el guía Joel, excelente en conocimiento, pero de igual manera faltó un poco de socializar con los clientes.  Este guía es excelente para gente joven, para personas de la tercera edad, va un poquito rápido, esto por unos clientes Brasileños, que no pudieron seguir, por sentirse mal, y tampoco se les acercaron a preguntar que les pasaba.  Machu Pichu tiene su encanto propio por tanto no hay mucho que explicar de las ruinas, impresionante como siempre lo imaginé.

Estos son solamente comentarios para mejoras, pero los felicito y agradezco por su amable atención, un saludo a Cristian, nunca nos abandonó y muy feliz de haber visitado PERÚ.

Cuando escuchemos de alguien que vaya a Cusco, con gusto les daré su email como referencia.
Marisol Mena[2014-04-01]



No visa is required in most countries (check with the Embassy of Peru in your country) The tourist visa allows you 90 days in Peru, you can make 30-day extensions for up to 3 times, up 180 days (six months) in Peru. Each visa extension will cost about $ 25.00 or so.


Dictionary, Spanish grammar book in your language, email addresses, book guides, novels, a shelter for the cold, a raincoat, walking shoes, sleeping bag, yet the latter is also possible to rent it in Peru; tablets purify water (can be bought in pharmacies), razor, flashlight.


Jetlag is caused by disruption of your "body clock" a small group of cells that controls the timing of biological functions (circadian rhythms), including when you eat and sleep. The body clock is designed for a regular rhythm of daylight and darkness, to "sync" when it experiences daylight and darkness in "wrong" times the usual in a new time zone. The symptoms of jetlag often persist for days while the internal body clock slowly adjusts to a new time zone.

A good remedy, physical and mental, is refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages while "synchronizes your internal clock (and drinking lots of water will help prevent dehydration and keep your alertness). There is no quick fix to relieve symptoms of jetlag, so there is no medicine that can relieve it. Can be overcome with a little awareness of the existence of this phenomenon. As a first step, a stay outside during the day or stay in a room with windows can help reset body clocks. It is also important to adjust your bedtime to the new timetable as soon as possible. When your sleeping hours are adjusted to the new schedule, try to observe and experience the local customs: meal times, meal preferences, recreational activities, and even the way they dress.


The rainy season begins in Cusco in November through March. If students want to do the Inca Trail this season the weather is not an impediment. During the dry season from April to October, the weather is generally sunny. The temperature is cold at night and hot during the day. It is recommended that students bring rainwear and likewise proper clothing for cold temperatures at night, even inside the houses as they do not have heating.


The currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol At the time of writing USD $ 1.00 equals S/.3, 20. There are some ATMs that accept credit cards and many exchange houses where you can change travelers checks. There are ATM machines at the Bank Interbank. It is best to arrive with American dollars.


The following list gives some indication on what you plan to stay in Cusco. Taxis $ 0.75, local transportation $ 0.20, a menu in a restaurant $ 2.50; a beer at a nightclub $ 1.75, a cappuccino at a coffee bar $ 0.75, international phone call $ 3.00 per minute, laundry service $ 1.00 per kilo, use of internet $ 0.50 / hour.


In general, you have no trouble communicating with your country, including by phone, mail, fax or Internet. Long distance calls cost about $ 3.00 a minute. There are lots of internet in Cusco, the price is $ 0.50.


It is recommended that before his trip, pass a medical exam and purchase travel insurance.


Some people experience some discomfort at the height. It is recommended to rest at least two hours before start some activity. The symptoms of altitude sickness or mountain sickness include headache, dizziness, stomach upset and tiredness. Such symptoms may be reversed by reducing the consumption of alcohol but we recommend increased consumption of fluids, including coca tea and snacks and plenty of rest.


Beware of sunburn at high altitude. Ultraviolet rays are extremely strong. The air is also excessively dry on high and know that if you have dry skin use a moisturizer and Vaseline.


The fastest and easiest way to travel from Lima to Cusco or vice versa is undoubtedly by plane. The flights are between $ 90.00 and $ 125.00 per ticket and run from 6:00 am and 2:00 p.m. Most travelers travel to Lima or Cusco by plane.

If you want to go overland from Lima to Cusco, there are two options. The first route is by Abancay, this route is really beautiful. However, the majority of roads are unpaved and this is a bit strong for those who just arrived to Peru. All this will take you about 20 hours to get to Cuzco. There are many bus companies throughout the year that offer this service, however, the route is dangerous especially considering the rainy season.

The second option is to go first to Arequipa, and then to Cusco. The route from Lima to Arequipa is fast, most of the trip is via the Pan American Highway along the coast. The buses are fine and depart about every half hour from Lima. Arequipa is a beautiful colonial city, where travelers can consider staying a day before continuing the journey. But if you prefer, there is a direct connection to Cusco leaving between 4:00 and 8:00 pm Now you will start the Andes and arrive in Cusco in the morning between 4:00 and 8:00.