Offering To Mother Earth – Mystical Esoteric Tourism

  • offering to other earth in sacred valley

We want to share with the world an ancient medicine, a gorgeous, wonderful, medicine that cures your fears, your frustrations, your relationships, your physical and spiritual health; aligning your three bodies – (physical body, mind and spirit).
In our Ayllu (community), we have witnessed many changes, profound changes in many brothers and sisters who have come from all parts of the world, and who have, and are still, experiencing changes in their lives that lead to happiness, wealth and liberating forgiveness; because this medicine heals from the inside and stays in your genes allowing you to keep growing forever.
Welcome to our Ayllu.


  • Spiritual Teacher.
  • Transportation.
  • Guide interpreter
  • Inputs needed


This is an offering of gratitude to Mother Earth (Pachamama) for all the favours and goods received, as well as to request her blessings and good wishes in the next year, or for any special favour that we require at this time.
It is a guided ceremony conducted by a spiritual teacher, which entails invoking the spirit of the Mother Earth and of the Apus or tutelary mountains. The objects that make up the offering are different items that the teacher chooses and the Mother Earth would welcome.
Then, asking the permission and blessing of the Mother Earth and the Apus, it is burned and buried with Mother Earth.